5 Signs You Need To Re-Paint Your Interior

Flaking & Peeling Higher humidity rooms, such as the bathroom, can cause paint to flake and peel, especially if the previous painter did not use a high-quality paint. Moisture penetrates the paint and separates it from the wall.  If you notice your paint bubbling, wrinkling, or peeling, it’s time for a new coat. In areas […]

5 Signs You Need A New Roof

1. Roof Age Wear and tear on an older roof are sure signs it’s time to call for a replacement. Other factors include when the roof got its last replacement, the number of layers of shingles and how the roof ventilated. If you didn’t build your home, and the sellers aren’t quite sure how old […]

3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Siding

Cracked, Crumbling, and Rotting Siding This is one of the top ways to know your siding needs replacement at first glance. If the siding is cracked, crumbling, rotting, or you notice some warping, it’s clear that the damage is beyond repair. When the material is wood, moisture can spread through the wood fibers, weakening the […]