5 Signs You Need To Re-Paint Your Interior

Flaking & Peeling

Higher humidity rooms, such as the bathroom, can cause paint to flake and peel, especially if the previous painter did not use a high-quality paint. Moisture penetrates the paint and separates it from the wall. 

If you notice your paint bubbling, wrinkling, or peeling, it’s time for a new coat.

In areas of high humidity, quality paint is key. It is also important that paint has an extra coat of protection. It’s worth it to have it done by a professional, especially if they offer a warranty.

Paint may also crack, flake, or peel if it was not primed correctly. Inadequate priming will not allow the paint to adhere to your wall correctly, and paint will start to come undone.

Fading Color

Over time, your interior paint may start to change color. Even the most resilient, quality paints eventually fade. 

Because your walls are not exposed to the elements outside, your paint won’t fade as quickly as exterior paint, but you will still want to repaint every 5 to 10 years. 

Whether age has made your walls darker, or sunlight has made it lighter, you’ll notice that your wall color isn’t as vibrant and new as it once was. You may even notice blotches or lines of varying shades. A quick coat will make a world of difference and brighten up your home. 


Life happens. A rogue baseball makes a dent, furniture leaves scuff marks, little hands leave prints… the list goes on. 

If your walls have sustained some damage over the years, it may be time for a refresh. Any deeper areas of damage will need to be patched first before you can prime and paint.

Be sure to pick a color and finish that will withstand your family’s stage of life.

New Color Preferences

Sometimes, a color you once loved no longer fits your style or your stage of life. Trends change and, with them, our preferences. If the color in your home no longer makes you happy, you may want to look for something new.

Selling Your Home

You may not even notice until you are moving just how dingy your walls are. Repainting walls before putting your home on the market can make a huge impact on potential buyers. Who doesn’t love walking into a home that looks brand new and well-kept?

Your Realtor may be able to give you an idea as to what paint colors attract more buyers. 

As a general rule, neutrals are your best choice for selling your home. It provides a blank slate for a buyer to visualize their things in the home.