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Roof Improvement
for More Than
25 Years

Tron Restoration, founded in 2018 by Lester Gray, is a full-service roofing company that serves all over the Midwest.

Tron Restoration is the sister company of Tron Solar, one of the largest residential solar installers in the United States. Tron decided to create a roofing company with the intention of combining the personalized work of solar installations, roofing and home improvement work. Tron Restoration is a family-owned business with the expertise, experience, and quality of a larger corporation. 

After endless negative contractor experiences, Tron Restoration has managed to uphold a premium and excellent reputation in the Midwest, staying away from pressure sales methods and pricing schemes. Quality and hard work is the essence of Tron.

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Tron Restoration

Our Working Process:

  • Schedule Free Inspection

    We’ll evaluate your project and get a fair-price estimate

  • Project Installation

    We will complete all work needed with a quality guarantee!

  • Enjoy The Results

    We will follow up of after Installation with service and support

Who Is Tron?